Rainbow are now begging fans to beg their company to let them have a comeback

Well, it seems that perpetual participation award recipients (and chronically underrated group) Rainbow have little clue if and when their next comeback attempt will be.

The group held a live stream with their fans through Naver where they were inevitably asked when Jaekyung and company would be returning to the K-pop landscape. Tragically, Rainbow’s response was essentially: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“We don’t know either. Please post on our company’s website about it,” adding, “we are so happy that we can have this way of communicating before we have our comeback. When it’s time to release our new album, we will reveal choreography spoilers and communicate frequently.”

Just look at that. Poor Rainbow is essentially being forced to petition their fans to pressure DSP Media into remembering that they even exist. It’s like a public relations Rube Goldberg project. Hell, I’m somewhat surprised that Jisook didn’t mention any sort of Kickstarter campaign.

Now, to be fair to DSP, Rainbow’s last comeback, the pretty good “Black Swan,” flopped hard (the group only promoted the single for two weeks before pulling the plug). However, it’s not like DSP has much else going on right now (their roster is essentially KARA and scraps) and it could do worse than betting on Hyunyoung, Woori, and Jaekyung.

Unfortunately, a comeback doesn’t seem like it’s impending if the group has literally heard nothing from their label. But hey, worse comes to worse, we could actually start that Kickstarter campaign or something.

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