Tao a hero again after many agonized cries in surprisingly decent “Crown” MV


After the disappointment of his previous music video, I had resigned myself to never getting what I wanted from Tao‘s debut in China. Fortunately though, his “Crown” music video delivered at least part way, which allows me to pray that he is the hero we need.

The overdramatic English convos with a white dude, the pained love story, and the martial arts choreography … I like to think of this as a long audition for an action movie career.


Also, I get the “cycle” they’re portraying in terms of trying to reach a goal but falling short and still trying over and over again. And while I realize they had to make it obvious for his demo, it would’ve been more effective had they ended it by dumping him in the middle of the ocean, as it would be pretty easy to figure out that’s how he washes up on the beach and why he has so many similar suits and all that.

Then again, if they left it at that, I would’ve never gotten this:



Hell, even if you hated it, at least there was Jessica Gomes.


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