Hyunseung ditches a BEAST fanmeeting for some strange, goes down a hero

BEAST fans were pissed because member Hyunseung missed a fanmeeting without warning, and then got even more pissed after it was rumored that he ditched said fanmeeting to get some strange.

Hyunseung’s absence wasn’t announced prior to the fan meet. It was disclosed to the audience who attended the fan meet Saturday. During the time of the event, an Instagram post of Hyunseung at a cafe in Seoul’s Cheongdamdong area is causing an outrage, especially as the picture shows him with a woman.


I always thought that Trouble Maker was unbalanced as hell because despite Hyunseung helping to make the tracks quality offerings, his image just always got completely dominated by HyunA. Now though, I have to reconsider this, as Hyunseung may have just ditched meeting his own fans to score some strange with some rando woman.

Hard to be more of a K-pop idol hero than that.


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