AOA’s “Oh Boy” has … interesting Japanese, but everything looks amazing

AOA have released their Japanese single and music video for “Oh Boy“, and … well, they look amazing.

“HEY!” is back, bitches!!!

The song itself is solid but unspectacular. I actually like the instrumental and the verses were also done well. The auto-tuned pre-chorus seemed to set us up for a banger of a chorus, but I don’t think that ever really materialized for me. There’s a kick, but it’s not really catchy, and while I can deal with stuff that isn’t melodic, this didn’t have that ‘it’ appeal.

Also, uh, I normally actually do find Jimin‘s rapping voice distinct and important to AOA’s brand, but holy mother of fuck her voice is grating even to me in Japanese. Like, in general, I think they might struggle because their Japanese is clearly sort of off, but rapping in Japanese when Jimin already struggles to control it in Korean? Yeah, bad idea.

The upside? Basically everything visually.


All the outfits are hot and all the members look hot. That is all. 10/10.

I want the full music video so bad, and now you can see why I hate Japan’s system so much.


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