VIXX’s Ken literally delivered like an inanimate object from place to place by company

VIXX‘s Ken was in a rush today to get from location to location, as he had to attend his ‘Cinderella‘ musical performance, so his company, Jellyfish Entertainment, hired a “quickservice” company to treat him as a package and rush him to a location.

A surprised fan contacted the quickservice company and they said they’re normally not supposed to deliver ‘people’ on the motorcycles.


Gotta give Jellyfish credit here, man. A lot of fans complain about the company figuratively treating their idols like inanimate objects, but Jellyfish had the bright idea to actually ship him from place to place like he was one.

For whatever reason, some VIXX stans are defending this because they were in a rush and KBS made them late, but that’s the whole fucking point. Everybody is always in a rush, but how many companies would resort to overnight airmailing idols or some shit from location to location?

Either way, it’s nice to know agencies have graduated from providing shitty, dangerous roll-risk vans to just sending idols into the streets on the backs of motorcycles.


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