Hani propositions Jackson to sleep together, but Jackson remembers his training

EXID‘s Hani and GOT7‘s Jackson are currently on the show ‘Law Of The Jungle‘, and on a recent episode Hani propositioned Jackson to come sleep with her … sorta.

While the cast is getting ready to spend the night in Nicaragua, Hani settles down in the makeshift tent that the other members have prepared for her. She calls out to the other cast members who are sleeping in the open air, “I’m so sorry that I’m sleeping on my own in here!” GOT7′s Jackson then walks up to the tent and begins to say, “You and someone else… never mind.” Hani laughs, and Jackson says he realized there’s no way someone could sleep in the tiny space with her. “Do you want to sleep together?” asks Hani in a flirty tone.

“YES, YES OF COURSE, HANI OPPA,” says every straight man. But Jackson remembers his JYP Entertainment training well and quickly declines.

“No,” replies Jackson as Hani laughs. “If we sleep in the same tent together, we’ll be the top search term on portal sites.”

A smart man for both their sakes, really.


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