Former girl group member fined for being caught going to love hotel

A 17-year-old former idol was recently fined ~$5000 for violating a dating clause in her contract back when she was 15. Sound shitty? Yeah, well, it basically is.

In March of 2013, the girl signed a contract with a talent management company, becoming a member of a six-person idol unit (also unnamed in reports). After its formation, the management company organized concerts and sold merchandise. The unit’s first public performance being held in July, but it was disbanded in October. Included in the contract the girl had agreed to was a clause prohibiting relationships with the opposite sex. At some point after joining the group, however, the girl accompanied a male fan to a hotel after receiving an invitation from the man, and her actions later became known to the management company. In response, the company filed a lawsuit seeking damages for breach of contract. The defendant, however, argued that “Refraining from such relationships is not an absolutely essential part of being an idol.”

The judge, being a short-sighted piece of shit, ruled that she was at fault for the group’s demise. Why? Because in order to take advantage of desperate, pathetic wotas, her perceived virginity/pureness was a necessity, saying, “In order to secure the financial support of male fans, a clause prohibiting relationships was necessary.

Indicating his judicial opinion that the defendant’s “Being discovered to be in a relationship worsened her image as an idol,” and that she should bear a portion of the responsibility for the group’s breakup, he ordered her to pay damages of 650,000 yen ($5280) to partially compensate the management company for expenses it incurred in providing her with costumes and music/dance lessons.

1) Weeaboos who love these asinine dating rules are going full K-pop fan with “but she signed the contract”, as if all contracts and their terms are valid. Much less when it’s some 15-year-old signing anything and it involves the regulation of an employee’s love life.

2) The judge put the burden for the group failing at the feet of a 15-year-old girl and her love life. It’s a terrible precedent. It’s also a terrible ruling in terms of actually buying that it was the reason why some random idol group flopped. Idols recover from dating scandals all the time, and this was clearly just a ploy to recover as much of the financial losses as the company could in an investment they knew was sunken anyway.

3) So … nobody cares that a (likely) older dude was going to a love hotel with a then 15-year-old or … what?


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