Happiness breaks new ground with “Holiday”, for better or worse

Happiness are finally back after a year away, and while things remained the same, they also changed quite a bit with “Holiday“.

The visuals and choreo that make E-Girls and their sub-groups what they are were still there, as were the higher production values when compared to idol J-pop groups. However, whether their quasi-rapping and hip-hop edge is a positive development or not is up in the air.

There’s potential in a more hip-hop geared concept, especially for their dancing and styling, since a lot of the softer stuff their sister groups and E-Girls do never seems to appropriately fit their talents. The question then is whether they can actually pull off the music, because while “Holiday” does combine some positive elements, it’s just not a song worth remembering.

The musical efforts of Happiness before they deviated from the script were definitely more consistently enjoyable, but I enjoy this concept a lot more, so I hope they both continue down this road and try to build on this foundation.


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Thot Leaderâ„¢