One from 1PUNCH ditches the fetus rapper to sign with YGE

Rapper One, who was part of the duo 1PUNCH that debuted this year, has ditched his fetus rapper partner for YG Entertainment after his starring role on ‘Show Me The Money 4‘.

Industry insiders told the press that the rapper has recently joined YG Entertainment, and that he has already started training with the agency. One associate told Daily Sports, “YG was really interested in One when he was on ‘Show Me the Money 4.’ They thought he had the skills to be one of the top rappers on the show. He also has looks of an idol. He still needs to improve, but he’s a real gem. He is currently training, so there isn’t a set schedule for an album release yet.”

As a result of him jumping ship, 1PUNCH has disbanded. Hard to blame the guy for the move given that 1PUNCH’s greatest accomplishment in their debut was the introduction of the hero token black dude.


Also, please remember, idols are like brothers and sisters, and companies are like family. You know, just like how you love all your co-workers and consider the corporation you work for as family.



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