Polaris settles and Clara terminates contract, still resists posting DEEZ NUTZ memes

The litigation between Clara and Polaris Entertainment didn’t end when she was declared innocent by the courts of blackmailing a while back, as there was still her side of the lawsuit to conclude. In the end, the two sides settled, with Clara’s contract being terminated, just as she wanted.

A settlement was probably the right way to go for both parties, as Clara gets to take the clear win, and Polaris got to get this over with, as they have far more pressing matters to deal with like accusations of defrauding the government and their CEO being indicted on charges of blackmailing Clara.

As far as Clara’s future, she doesn’t have any plans yet and still somehow refuses to gloat or talk a little shit.

One associate of Clara told DongA, “Clara and Polaris Entertainment’s legal case has come to an end. The two have decided to go their own ways.” They further commented, “Clara hasn’t decided what to do next. She will probably take a break as the long case has come to an end. It isn’t time for her to start looking for another company just yet.”

That is, of course, the smart play for a image-conscious celebrity, but the temptation to post DEEZ NUTZ memes on Instagram and Twitter must be immense at this point.


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