AOA’s Choa trolls Kim Jong Un, calls him a fatty + hanbok “Choa Song”

On a recent live broadcast of ‘My Little Television‘, AOA‘s Choa went near the North Korean border and called Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un a fat fuck.

When the ‘My Little TV’ PD told her that they were located close to North Korea, Choa shouted loudly, “Jong Un-ah!” multiple times before turning to the PD and saying, “When I was in elementary school, my closest friend was named Kim Jong Un.” Then she shouted again, “Jong Un-ah, have you lost weight yet?” The PD then told her, “Choa-ssi, this is a bit dangerous”, to which Choa replied, “It’s okay, Kwon PD can protect me.”

Choa has advanced to insulting world leaders. When will these fake hep-hap thugs get on her level?


Choa followed up calling out world leaders by doing the “Choa Song” in a hanbok cause she can.

Eat shit, every other idol.


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