MBC doesn’t get rid of ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ for a simple reason

Every year, both Korean and international netizens whine about why oppar and unnir have to compete in MBC‘s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘. It goes something like:

Why does oppar and unnir have to risk injury for this pointless endeavor? They should just cancel it already! Nobody likes it anyway!

Well, turns out the reason they keep doing it is relatively simple: cause it brings in the advertising revenue.

According to a report by Nielsen Korea that was released on September 30, the second part of the Chuseok special “11th Idol Star Athletics Championships” reached 9.9% in the ratings, which also put it in first place on the list of Chuseok specials that day. This is 0.7% more than the first part of the “11th Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which brought in 9.2% of viewers the previous day on September 28.

So yeah … decent reason.

At the end of the day, no matter how much people complain, if their favorite group is in the damn thing, they keep watching it.

There’s a simple solution to get the event off the air if fandoms care so damn much … but they’ll never take it, will they?



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