iKON’s “Airplane” a decent but lacking indie hip-hop attempt … yikes

Following “My Type” and “RHYTHM TA“, iKON has released “Airplane” as another one of their five trillion music videos they’re coming out with as part of their debut and introduction to the K-pop world. “Airplane” was more in line with “My Type” than “RHYTHM TA”, though I’m not sure if that was for better or worse.

Look, I swear to god I’m not trying to clown on iKON by default just because I made a lot of jokes about Bobby showering or whatever. I know I’m gonna get accused of being a hater after three negative articles about their music videos, but I honestly feel I gave them a shot, and for a brief moment I even thought they would flip my perspective on them. But seriously, I just don’t see it so far at all.

Thing is, I sort of enjoy this concept of the indie hip-hop track with “Airplane”, but it generally requires either a hard-carry from the rapping, some type of emotional connection to the lyrics, or pleasant mood-setting vocals. But with “Airplane” and with iKON, it’s hard to get over how mediocre it is from the talent and execution perspective.

When I usually dislike hep-hap stuff from YG Entertainment groups, it’s because of the G-Dragon-izing of it, where he brings his unique combo of trap, EDM, and YOLO SWEG to ruin an otherwise badass sounding song. In the end, I get why people like those types of tracks even if I don’t like them, because they’re ultimately executed well for what they’re intended to be.

But then there’s iKON so far, who come with concepts I actually generally enjoy via a more traditional hep-hap anthem attempt in “RHYTHM TA” and this pseudo-indie hip-hop combination track. However, both simply lack in execution to the point where I’m honestly surprised it’s from YGE. Most of the time with groups from the Big 3 I just end up disappointed in the songs they are given or that they lack a certain charisma or star quality, but I can still see the potential. With iKON, I honestly don’t see a ton of hope or upside based on what they’ve brought to the table thus far.

Bobby’s rap verse was actually the only thing that was solid here, as the other rap verses were very ordinary and, like on “RHYTHM TA”, the vocals were just not there at all.

Um … yeah. Sorry.


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