LOVELYZ were meant to be robotic in “Ah-Choo” MV, too bad the song was too

LOVELYZ‘s much-anticipated return with “Ah-Choo” unfortunately managed to leave a lot to be desired.

Boy, this has been a negative day in terms of my K-pop song reviews, huh? Fortunately though, I don’t think it has to do with my mood since I’m actually in a wonderful mood (Dodgers clinched, fuck you, baseball haters). And hell, unlike many international fans, I don’t even mind the cutesy, innocent girl group concepts or throwback attempts (like G-FRIEND) — like despite my feelings on their recent discography, I loved how A Pink started out, for example. With LOVELYZ, however, despite the glowing reviews of this that I’ve seen thus far, I thought “Ah-Choo” was very plain and surprisingly monotonous.

Really, throughout the music video, LOVELYZ are robotic and stoic, and while that was the whole shtick here, they didn’t have to carry it over to the song itself. The only thing that seemed to change in the song was the volume, as everything else appeared to have been sung in a single rather nasally high tone throughout.

There’s not much more for me to say about “Ah-Choo”, as I simply didn’t find it catchy or engaging at all.


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