EXID maybe sign with Banana Plan in China, unite with iljin thugs T-ara


When T-ara signed in China with Banana Plan and Wang Sicong, it was great news that they would have such wealthy support and a true fan that was invested in them. However, I did wonder whether what seemed like a vanity project or bragging rights more than anything else would work out for them in the end.

Well, with recent reports that EXID will be joining T-ara at Banana Plan, I’m more optimistic about the potential of the company. That is, of course, assuming this is actually true and not just the Chinese media being the Chinese media or him talking random shit.

Although these rumors have been floating around Chinese media sites, there has been no movement on the group’s official Facebook or Twitter accounts confirming or denying such reports. Furthermore, there are no details regarding how this purchase or transfer of rights was conducted. For now, it seems that Banana Plan only deals with the girl groups’ activities in China.

We shall see, but I hope it’s true because a one-two punch of T-ara and EXID in China would be formidable with the right approach, and if nothing else I’m just curious to see how it all works out in the end.


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