YG says Park Bom needs more mirrors, blames her for public’s stupidity


Yang Hyun Suk recently spoke on the prospect Park Bom coming back, but he said that she needs more time staring at herself in a mirror, and that it’s her fault the public is dumb.

“This is a sensitive issue to talk about, but I honestly think she needs more time to look back on herself,” YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk said during a press conference after boyband iKON’s concert on Saturday. “There is a lot to say (and explain), but if the public thinks it (the drug scandal) was a problem, then it is her problem,” he added, explaining that some of the issues raised then were false accusations.

I know this is a bandwagon opinion, especially right now, but why is YG so fucking stupid with the media? He basically just said that the accusations against Park Bom are false, but if the public are dumb enough to believe them, then it’s her fucking problem that she has to remain in reflection.


Way to stick up for your artists, dude.

YG FAMILY!!!111~~~


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