JJCC/RaNia fandom destroyer is back and harassing Prince Mak and his ex-gf

About five months ago, I wrote a story about an international netizen getting called out by JJCC‘s company and how that person also destroyed the international fandom of RaNia. After I posted it, stories about her poured in from just about everywhere, and at one point she threatened my hosting company, literally because I used words and pictures she posted herself. Genius.

Anyway, the main target of that JJCC mess was member Prince Mak, but after that ended months ago I didn’t hear much of anything about her for a while. Well, a few people e-mailed me a couple weeks ago, unfortunately informing me that she was back and had started up an Instagram account and was spamming Prince Mak to apologize to her over and over.


A fan on her Instagram calls her out and she basically threatens the fan that she can put him on another hiatus if she wants.


Here she complains about him blocking her, and thus she reported his account for nothing. It’s very hard to tell why he didn’t want anything to do with her.


Oh yeah, she’s also apparently stalking his ex-girlfriend as well.



She says she’s “spreading the news” about the relationship, and that the ex is a “bitch” because she dated Prince Mak before. Not even now, BEFORE.



So … yeah.


We can all agree that this is fucked up and utterly insane, so I don’t think that needs to be discussed.

Serious question, though, what do you do about people like this?

My thought was to ignore it, and I’m sure many feel that way as well. But we all collectively did exactly that after the RaNia shit, but she moved on to other groups like WASSUP and JJCC and whatever else anyway. Thus, the best option almost seems to be calling it out like JJCC’s company did and just hoping everybody is at least aware.

I guess there’s no real best solution here, but good fucking grief she needs to stop.


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