[Update] IU confirmed to be dating Jang Kiha, which explains his happiness


IU and Jang Kiha of Jang Kiha And The Faces have been dating since March, according to a report by Dispatch.

They have been making the time to see each other despite their busy schedules; for example, IU would immediately go see Jang Ki Ha after returning from her trip to Shanghai on August 30 before going to practice for her fan meeting. The same goes for September 7, when IU would go straight to Mapo after returning from Hong Kong. Their usual dating location was at home at each other’s houses (Jang Ki Ha’s located in the Mapo District and IU in the Yongsan Distctrict, Seoul). When both are not busy, according to Dispatch, Jang Ki Ha would be the one to go see IU, driving to Yongsan in his i30. Their date outfits were nothing special: casual and dark, but they were often adorning masks because they are wary of the public.

Now I understand why the dude is so fucking happy, man.

I’d be doing shit like that too if I was dating IU.



IU’s company confirmed the relationship and said it’s actually been two years.

“After confirming with IU, we confirmed that she and Chang Kiha both have good feelings towards one another. Starting from two years ago, the two began interacting, and they began having good feelings towards each other. The two are currently happily meeting.”



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