Oh My Girl goes electro-ballad in “Closer”, have the best choreo concept


Oh My Girl already made an impact with me via Cupid“, their combination of bubblegum pop and marching band percussion, and “Closer” is another notch in their belt, though for different reasons.

“Closer” really had a Western feel to it, though I suppose that was just the electro-ballad instrumental in itself. Either way, I wouldn’t have expected a sound like this from a veteran group trying to find a new sound, much like a rookie, but they managed to make it work for them. The instrumental and some of the quirks they added after the halfway point really took this from a potential snoozer to something quite interesting, if nothing else.

That said, unlike many others, I felt “Cupid” was a better effort musically. However, I understand the excitement over this because the group executed their concept and the concept itself was used extremely well in the music video. Case in point was the choreography, which looked tight and crisp in the music video but was even better from the overhead where the theme becomes clearer.




For as much as I hate tryhard esoteric concepts for the sake of being vaguely artsy, I appreciate planned narratives like this that subtly weave their way into music videos. It was especially impressive how their choreography still managed to look good from the front when there was so much emphasis on giving a show to a camera angle that nobody would think to even use.

Also, heh heh heh.


“Closer” may have not been my favorite musical effort, but Oh My Girl is now two-for-two in making their comebacks interesting in one way or another. And in the pop world, that’s half the battle, especially when you’re scrapping for any bit of publicity you can get.

Perhaps one issue is that I don’t really know who any of the members are yet, but the group doesn’t seem to lack anything in terms of vocals or visuals. Thus, I have to think if they hailed from a bigger company and had the auto-stans that came with it, work like they’ve done so far would be widely praised and appreciated.

Hopefully Oh My Girl keep this pace up and eventually get rewarded for what have clearly been inspired efforts thus far.


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