Somebody wants to make a K-pop rom-com film inspired by Taeyang


My attention was recently called to a Kickstarter for a movie that was inspired by Taeyang of Big Bang. This, I suppose, is what happens when fanfic gets ambitious.

To give you an idea of what we’re dealing with here, this is the proposed plot.

On the verge of super-stardom, a rising Korean pop star secretly flees to America in order to experience life and love as a “normal” high school senior. He soon discovers that it’ll take more than an ocean and a clever disguise to protect him from his rabid fans. (romantic comedy, PG, dance film)

I’m honestly not sure how this is inspired by Taeyang other than the desire to fuck Taeyang eventually led to this.

In itself, this already seems like a disaster of an idea, but the goal of $50,000 makes it even more suspect. I’m not sure what one can make with a $50,000 budget, but not a movie.


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