Melody Day showcases potential on “Speed Up”, let down by instrumental


Melody Day, who have apparently been around for a while on doing OST work, have returned with “Speed Up“. On it, they put their potential as a K-pop group on display, but also fall short of the intended goal through no real fault of their own.

Quite frankly, I’m covering this because Melody Day deserved better. On almost all accounts, “Speed Up” should’ve been a perfect K-pop song in the vein of one of those older KARA jams that were impossible to get out of your head. Additionally, the group pull off the visuals well, executed the choreography, and even the music video sets were up to par.

Basically the only thing that was second-rate was the instrumental, which simply didn’t build to anything and stayed disappointingly monotonous. Worse yet, despite following the K-pop hook song blueprint blow-for-blow, they somehow forgot to make the actual hook interesting, and the impactless chorus lets the entire song down.

Melody Day should have a hit on their hands with “Speed Up”, but out of all the important lessons to take out of ‘Earworm K-Pop 101’, the production team missed the most important class and it ended up costing the group.


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