Sooooo Jay Park and HyunA are filming a music video together

Jay Park is busy filming a new music video with Reddy, Okasian, Ugly Duck, and…






Normally that wouldn’t really be something I cover, but I thought it was significant since the two know each other from way back in the day when both were under JYP Entertainment with 2PM and Wonder Girls.

Oh yeah, there is also the teeny issue of the widespread rumors that the reason for HyunA’s departure from the Wonder Girls and part of the reason for Jay Park’s departure from 2PM (besides the ‘Korea sucks’ shit) was because Jay Park got HyunA pregnant. Hence, I think people always wondered a bit about these two.

Personally though? I always thought the rumor was a bit makjang drama fanfic for me, and that fans made shit up based on videos like the ones you see above.


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