Yezi maybe asked a message board why dudes don’t wanna smash

Yezi of ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘ and FIESTAR was maybe caught writing a post asking why men don’t like her, which would certainly be awesome if true. Though perhaps the buried lede here is the netizen stalking involved with this story.


Anyway, “Yezi” wrote, “Why do men dislike Yezi? Isn’t she considerably sexy? She’s also pale.

The replies were:

-Men like her though? Who says they dislike her?
-You’re Yezi, aren’t you?

Right. Do men actually dislike her?


Anyway, that was apparently the point when the stalking began, as they found the IP address of “Yezi” and traced it.


And the address the comment was posted from came from Loen Entertainment, which now houses FIESTAR.


Yes, that’s as stalkerish as it sounds.

It’s probably just the company trying to do media play, but I want to imagine nothing more than Yezi reading around and getting fucking pissed that she doesn’t see people fapping to her nonstop.

Gooddamn it, another Jei pic? Fuck this, I’m just gonna ask why myself.


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