Honey Lee reveals Soyu has painful disc injury in her back


As many of you know by now, Soyu is currently carrying an injury and is sick on top of that, and for whatever reason there’s considerable controversy over it because Starship Entertainment keeps running her out to events and she unsurprisingly looks miserable and inactive.

The extent of her injury and illness has been unknown, but given that she can barely bend over, I figured it was back spasms/muscle strain plus the flu, which would be a pretty bad combination for an active performer. Well, turns out we may have undershot the extent of it if we take Honey Lee‘s word for it. In a recent Instagram post she gave a shout out to ‘Get It Beauty‘ and the cast (of which Soyu is a part) after filming the last episode of the season.


In the text, Honey Lee reveals that Soyu has a “painful” bulging/herniated disc in her back. Whichever one it is, if the injury is messing with the nerves like they appear to be, then there’s probably a lot of pain and numbness to deal with.

So yeah, seems like a pretty bad situation for Soyu to be stuck in. While I assume it’s not serious enough to require surgery, the main remedy is rest, and idols don’t get much of that, do they?


I had nowhere else to put this picture, but I had to share it for journalism.



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