Beenzino’s “Break” marks a change in direction for the better


Beenzino‘s “Break” is a new direction for him in terms of both music and music video (Digipedi), and I can’t say there’s much to complain about in either direction.

Initially, I really thought I would grow tired of the instrumental and the lack of a hook by the end of the track, but the wrinkle of adding the keyboard differentiated the song enough for me to not feel overwhelmed by the repetitiveness. The non-stop pace of this was used excellently, and the song always seemed on the verge of slowing down but it never really did until the fittingly abrupt end, like you’re getting off a ride. And then you go back and stand in line again.

I’m honestly not comparing them, but the drums on a rap track and a hook that lacked a lot of the bells and whistles typically associated with mainstream hip-hop did bring to mind The Roots, which is never a negative.


Oh yeah, Black Nut finally found Beenzino.



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