Zico finally releases “Yes Or No”, which is annoying catchy


Zico has released the music video for “Yes Or No“, which is short as hell and is just animation. And as you can see above, he also released that picture, which certainly is something. Are Korean rappers really gonna do this Cash Money Records/No Limit Records album covers shit now? God save us all.

On the whole song, Penomeco and (most importantly) The Quiett serve as guests. And while the latter is quality as usual, I’m not sold at all on the former.

Uh … I actually liked it? Both the instrumental and the hook were memorable as hell and catchy enough to stay with you for days. Also, unlike so many other songs of this type, Zico and guests actually rapped over it, so it served me the dual purpose of sticking with me and showing I do enjoy songs like these (again) if the rappers involved actually spit something.

Anyway, if this beat sounds familiar, it should because it’s from ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ and Zico used it on the song Yuk Ji Dam won, called “Stayed Up All Night“. And while I would do the whole Yuk Ji Dam deserves better shtick here, Zico used the beat infinitely better by not sounding like he was constantly screaming.

Say it!

Yes, I do hate myself for randomly chanting the hook around the house. No, I regret nothing.



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