Andup asks important questions in “It’s Me”, like why he has to give a shit


Andup released the music video for “It’s Me“, which features Incredivle, and he admits to doing what I’ve done a while ago (see above).

While “It’s Me” sort of touches on the same general topic as the “haters” songs that every Korean rapper and their mother releases once a year, Andup put a new spin on it and that made all the difference. “It’s Me” doesn’t settle for whining fighting back against haters, instead Andup takes his fight to societal norms and expectations, questioning why he needs to act and do things a certain way if that’s not what he really feels or who he really is.

It’s much better from a content perspective, and bonus points for having a music video that revels in the fact that it cost about $100 and a Sunday afternoon. Of course, a track like this doesn’t work unless the rapper can actually carry it, and Andup unsurprisingly was able to pass that test swimmingly.


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