WORLD ORDER’s in France for “The Next Phase”, which is Genki Sudo’s last


WORLD ORDER is back again with more insanely synchronized chorography, and this time they’re in France for “The Next Phase“.

In addition to all that typically embodies a WORLD ORDER joint, Genki Sudo released a statement regarding the meaning of the video and announced that this would be the last WORLD ORDER music video that he would take part in.

Chaos has been taking place everywhere in the world now. I believe it is a sign to step into a next phase for the human race. It can be said that such phenomenon might be a positive reaction shifting toward from “Material civilization” to “Civilization with placing more importance on love and care”. I have created this artwork with such sentiment. I also eventually decided to appear in the music video of WORLD ORDER for the last time through this artwork due to moving to the next phase myself. I certainly would like to make a full expression in cooperation with the producers and other members from now on. And please continuously give your support to a new WORLD ORDER as always!

Goodnight, sweet prince.


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