IU won’t bother with peasant music shows, too busy making money


IU won’t be bothered by performing on music shows, because why do that shit when there’s money to be made having a national concert tour instead?

IU’s agency stated, “IU will be focusing more on offline performances for her new album. From producing the album to promoting it, IU wanted to make the experience better by giving her fans more personal performances. She does not want to focus on being on TV.”

That’s fine, but the honest answer is that the TV promotion schedule is hell and it doesn’t generate a ton of income, so why not go get paid instead?

IU will be performing songs from her mini album “Chat-shire” for the first time for her concert tour which starts on November 21. Fans are very excited to be able to see performances of the new songs for the first time.

Everybody would do it this way if they had the ability to sell tickets to concerts and they didn’t have to appease a fanbase that wants to see them win meaningless #1 awards on music shows.

IU can’t be done with the idol side of the entertainment industry quick enough, and I can’t say I blame her.


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