Media starts CL & Mino dating rumors based on fake shipper pics


A media outlet reported the rumor that CL and Mino were dating based on a compilation of pictures. The problem? Those pictures turned out to be photoshopped by YG Entertainment shippers.


This is glorious media fail, and I’m actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often considering how frequently shit being posted on message boards and blogs is reported as news in Korea.

Anyway, YGE found it just as ridiculous as everybody else.

The rumors were swiftly crushed with an incredulous scoff from YG Entertainment. Representatives from the agency spoke to various media outlets, expressing their disbelief: “It’s so utterly ridiculous. The reports are of an unconfirmed rumor, and to top it off, the evidence that’s being presented is fabricated.”

YGE was quick to clarify that one.


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