Hyorin shades the shit out of Bora during interview, is the best

SISTAR was asked by Soompi which celebs they’d recruit in a zombie apocalypse, and Bora tried to be funny by enthusiastically saying Kim Jong Kook.



The other members also had blank faces like they didn’t know what the fuck Bora was so excited and laughing about, but Bora looked directly at Hyorin for approval, and Hyorin gave a side-eye to the camera, like “what in the fuck is she doing right now, for real”.

I had been expecting this all ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘, but Hyorin always delivers in one form or another.

Me? I’d just “form a fuckin’ wall” for the zombies.


Also of note, Soyu is already carrying her injury at this stage and alludes to as much. Sigh.



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