FIESTAR’s Cao Lu & miss A’s Jia film their maybe drunk “Hotline Bling” dance


While maybe or maybe not just a tad intoxicated, FIESTAR‘s Cao Lu and miss A‘s Jia decided to film each other dancing to Drake‘s “Hotline Bling“.

Thankfully, the duo uploaded it to their Instagrams for all of us to see.

(Look at the fucking cat look at Cao Lu and then look at Jia and then look down like “fuck my life”.)

#drake#hotlinebling #fiestar#피에스타#차오루#曹璐#caolu @mjbaby0203 j

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Part 2 #drake #hotlinebling love this song so much

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#hotlinebling #drake thans to @better_me_lulu lol~~~

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We all need drunk idol shenanigans in our lives.




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