Yezi ripped Mnet bad in her redemption performance, so they edited it out


If there ever was a doubt that Yezi was Yezi and that she will take every opportunity to say what’s on her mind, I present to you her unedited redemption performance.

During the recent episode of ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘, Yezi was eliminated after initially volunteering to forfeit to Moon Suah. Volunteering to exit like that seemed like an odd choice, but it makes sense if you frame in the context that she was just sick of Mnet’s shit. Furthermore, it also seemed odd to bring back all the rappers for the redemption round and then edit it down to like a five-minute clip, but even that decision makes more sense when you consider that in the full version of the rap, Yezi ripped on Mnet for making a fake show.

From the start this show had a written plot, a fucking drama,
In it, I was to play a supporting role to setup the main character,
But now who turned me into the main character?
Not ‘Unpretty’ (the show), not my company, but the real me,
Watch carefully, because this will be my drama,
Take off (labels), put on (labels), do as you like,
Until the end comes, I’ll never obey,
I’ll use the whole version with no editing to make my ending.

Then she launches into “Crazy Dog” to win it.

Christ, no wonder they edited this out. It basically says what we all assumed anyway, that the show is scripted, that the show picks roles for people, that there’s favoritism based on company/producers, that the editing is shady, and that she’ll go off-script if she wants. Yezi probably already wasn’t happy with Mnet anyway given how they made her out to be a ditz as a result of her hearing issues.

On the downside, uh, she’s not gonna win this shit then, right? Probably not since the chosen one Truedy is up against her in the first round, so yeah. Then again, the even more cynical side of me thinks maybe Mnet could even use this as publicity to prop her up as the underdog, but then I remember that if they wanted to do that, why would they cut this from broadcast?

Either way, I hope she keeps doing stuff like this forever. Everybody too afraid of pissing off producers and damaging their image.


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