Yezi is probably hard of hearing and Mnet tried to play it for laughs

Yezi of FIESTAR, and currently of ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘, is apparently quite hard of hearing, something she revealed during the screening process for the show with Mnet.

Yezi doesn’t say for sure that she has a disability or anything, but FIESTAR fans picked up on her reveal and it made a lot of sense in terms of past incidents with FIESTAR.

If Mnet knew of this from the start and the problem is real, then editing Yezi like she’s some kind of ditz who doesn’t understand what bars are as a rapper when they knew the reason she was asking over and over was because she couldn’t hear is pretty fucking dirty in terms of editing. Really fucking dirty, actually, because even I bought into it, wondering how the fuck Yezi could not know basic info like that.

Now though, everything makes sense, but I suppose disclosing that Yezi is just hard of hearing is a far less compelling storyline than crafting her “redemption” narrative.


Aside from that mess, Yezi talked a lot of real shit about how idol personas and images are molded to specific roles and how she was done with that shit and wanted to be herself.

These about summarize what she’s talking about.





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