Underage idol Harada Mayu caught dating her former middle school teacher

Harada Mayu is a 17-year-old member of Keyakizaka46, a sister group of Nogizaka46, and she’s now involved in a major controversy as pictures have been leaked that reveal she’s been dating her former middle school teacher.

Pictures of Mayu have leaked online kissing and hugging her former teacher. Said pictures were supposedly leaked by a former middle school classmate of Mayu’s. Mayu and her former classmate were both in the same homeroom class. The teacher of that class is Mayu’s supposed boyfriend. This relationship is illegal since Mayu is underage. It also violates the dating ban that is in place for the 48 groups.

Harada Mayu is 17 now, but I have no idea what year those pictures were taken, so I certainly hope that date was from 2015 cause otherwise it’s even worse. And even if you throw away the fact that she’s underage (don’t), the fact that he was her teacher makes this creepy as fuck, cause god knows what was happening during that period.

Besides, she needs to have some fucking standards. Jesus.







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