Brown Eyed Girls’ “Brave New World” brings the funk and an amazing MV

Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Brave New World” hits us with groove and also surrounds themselves with triangles, which can only mean they used the power of the Illuminati for this track and to make a music video so beautiful.

As a song, “Brave New World” isn’t immediately catchy and wouldn’t appear to be something that appeals to me. However, it fits right into 80s groove funk with disco influences, which I’m partial to (Wonder Girls). I felt like the chorus was appropriately anthemic, and the disjointing delivery of the verses over that great instrumental manages to keep the listener’s attention, not unlike the songs of old. The main negative for me is Miryo‘s rapping, which I think really took the song out of the zone it was in. Really don’t know what’s happening on that front.

That said, for as much as I did enjoy the song, I thought the music video was far better. “Brave New World” used a variety of lighting, set types, and locations to really hold the user’s attention throughout, and just generally make everything look beautiful.






Just great.


The Brown Eyed Girls still have another music video coming for “Warm Hole“, and hopefully “Brave New World” is an indication of things to come.


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