Jay Park and Okasian are thirsty in “You Know” featuring HyunA


Jay Park is back on that babymaking music shit, pumping out thirst anthem “You Know” featuring Okasian and an appearance by HyunA.

The song was never going to be something that I would describe as consistently listenable, but taking it as sex music makes it a lot more understandable. It’s rather plain and somewhat boring at parts in the context of listening to it in the car or something, but I thought the instrumental and vocals fit the theme well.

Jay says it.



Hey, props to him for admitting what we’ve all been thinking.

Perhaps Jay’s greatest trick was creating a track that could make Okasian bearable. His laid back, sleep-inducing style fit this solidly, and they auto-tuned the fuck out of him so I could almost just pretend it was somebody else.

My main problem is that I’ve now seen the music video, so even if I were to attempt to fuck to this, I would instantly go soft during Okasian’s rap since all I would be thinking about is how they made that bug-eyed motherfucker tolerable.

“What’s wrong, baby? Not in the mood?”

“Nah, my mind’s racing thinking about this alien-faced Korean dude that can’t flow.”

Anyway, this really needs a dance music video, because HyunA is tragically underutilized in this and their pair dance was probably the hottest part of all.


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