The answer to YGE’s “Who’s Next?” question appears to be Lee Hi


YG Entertainment recently posted up their latest edition of the “Who’s Next?” countdown, which is supposed to either be revealed on Nov. 21 or the release will be on Nov. 21.

Given the recent boycotting from WINNER fans and the hints at a 2NE1 comeback, people were thinking it would surely be one of those two.

As it turns out though, netizen detectives (and credit to the picture owner) appear to have figured out that the next comeback belongs to none other than Lee Hi.


Obviously take this with a grain of salt, as this maybe some kind troll within a troll (troll-ception), but having Lee Hi return after everybody’s been waiting for WINNER or 2NE1 is sort of a YGE troll move in itself, so props for that.

Either way, people have been waiting for a Lee Hi comeback for over two years now, and if the netizen detective work is to be trusted, it’ll be her turn again in about two weeks.


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