Jessi denies assaulting manager, netz say she would never get physical … uh

Jessi was recently allegedly part of a blind item that accused her of assaulting her manager, which may have been bullshit or may not, I certainly don’t know.

The odd part though is the amount of people who say she would never get physical cause they know her personality.

1. [+5,057, -241] Sure she talks without thinking but she doesn’t seem like the type to resort to violence… her personality didn’t seem all that bad on ‘Real Men’
2. [+3,551, -233] She looks like she has a temper but she’s quite loyal and a softie at heart… she’s close friends with Tiffany too. Don’t make assumptions about her.
3. [+3,156, -141] I watched her on on a TV show and she really takes care of the people around her. She’s not the type to resort to violence.
4. [+260, -19] She was really respectful and caring to adults on a TV show. Even when Jo Young Nam was giving her a hard time, she just laughed it off and took it in.
5. [+241, -14] She seemed really close with her manager on V app ㅋㅋ I’m really sick of these blind item articles that never give out the actual names, those people need to be sued

Odd because she’s actually caught an assault case before.

“Jessica and her friends tried to put my head into the toilet. I don’t even want to imagine what it would have been like if they had succeeded. However, I somehow managed to get away, it seemed like a miracle… When I was about to escape, they made me kneel down and told me, ‘We told you not to mess with us. Say you’re sorry,’ and kept cursing at me. I didn’t oblige and just kept asking them to return my handbag. ‘G’ finally threw my bag and they ran away. There’s CCTV footage of them scurrying out, even the club manager said, ‘It seemed weird how they were scurrying to get out.'”


Those charges were dropped, but the pictures certainly show that something happened, and in reply to the story, somebody who identifies as the accuser left these comments:




If that’s the alleged victim then they sound sort of like a douche as well, but what Jessi is accused of is still quite fucked up.

Also, the whole “well she’s friends with Tiffany” thing is amusing as well, considering this was the stuff they would talk about:



Never forget that Tiffany is actually the thuggest at SM Entertainment.



Do I know if Jessi did anything? Of course not. But out of all the Korean female celebrities, it’s fucking hilarious that Jessi gets netizens commenting about how she would NEVER get physical cause they know her personality based on television and reality shows.

Like … right.


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