LUMPENS getting dragged by idiots over IU MV + Chang Jia now connected

LUMPENS, who I previously did an Artsy Fartsy on, is currently getting dragged for being in charge of IU‘s “Twenty-Three” music video. Their website was down all day because people are busy searching for evidence that they are evil or whatever they do, and this whole blame game has now become even more tedious to deal with.

The IU thing is an issue that’s been addressed over and over again, so go read elsewhere for that. What I want to talk about now is the people going after the work of actual artists because of a related Korean pop witch hunt and because said people with their torches and pitchforks can’t understand anything that isn’t explicitly spelled out for them.

Considering that netizens, fandoms, and antis can accomplish things like tracing the IP addresses of random commenters to find their identities, installing cameras into idol bedrooms, and camping outside of where idols live after finding their addresses, it amazes me that they are unable to properly research actual art and instead just resort to shitting on artists for anything they find “gross”.

The most recent thing they’ve been targeting is SPICA‘s Bohyung‘s “Crazy Girl” music video. Why? Because it was also directed by LUMPENS.

Of particular interest were the fishbowl scenes because those relate to female sexuality and the hunters want to “out” LUMPENS as a devious sexual pervert and as a closet lolicon worshiper or some dumb crap like that.


Of course, that scene was actually inspired by South Korean feminist artist Chang Jia‘s “I Confess“, whose work is now indirectly being dragged as a part of this mess.


I was going to do an Artsy Fartsy on this and her months ago, but I generally felt K-pop fans might be irked by the mature content. Given the reaction to IU that has happened recently, I can only say I came to the right conclusion.


But since my dissertation was about the decline of feminism in South Korean art, and now that actual artists are being gaslit over this, I figured it would be an appropriate time to at minimum show an interview with Chang Jia and expose people to the kind of stuff that she’s done.

Warning: This includes stuff like nude human bodies, urination, themes of abuse, and other things that I was informed this week should never be used for art.

Given the amount of art experts that have emerged from their caves in recent weeks, I expect people to accuse Chang Jia of endorsing domestic violence, being a misogynist, and fully supporting the objectification of women, because apparently criticism presented in this manner is something that never happens.


Look, I understand why Korean and international netizens roll their eyes when people say “you don’t understand the art”, because it’s consistently used by pretentious people or those who fabricate meaning that isn’t there. But I’m drawing the line at them dragging real artists into this mess and insulting their work because their stuff is too mature or not low-brow enough.

In this case, like with many other cases I’ve seen, the reason I’m saying the hunters don’t understand the meaning of the art is for one simple reason: THEY. LITERALLY. DO. NOT. UNDERSTAND. THE. ART.

Discuss the IU issue all you want, but I truly hope that these people will leave real artists alone to do their art and just go back their coloring books.

Thank you.

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