2NE1 are coming back after centuries away, choreographer was on it


2NE1 are the answer to YG Entertainment‘s question of “Who’s Next?”, according to at least one report.

Local news source Maeil Kyungjae reports that according to a digital music distributor, 2NE1 will be releasing a new album. It’s unclear, however, if it will be a digital single, an EP, or a studio album. If this turns out to be true, 2NE1 will be making a comeback for the first time in almost two years. Their most recent release, the studio album “Crush,” swept charts.

This would back the credibility of a certain choreographer and reinforce that the page source info hunting was off base.

Understandably, people will question why this would be happening as CL still hasn’t released her anticipated solo in America. However, given that — like with other Asian artists who attempted it in America — most of the people supporting her venture in America will be K-pop fans and not regular American consumers, this doesn’t seem like the worst idea to build hype.



I actually completely forgot about the Park Bom “controversy” until I read netizen comments. Oh god, more of their whiny bullshit in every 2NE1 article.


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