Former B2M manager sued for stealing money of artists (SPICA/Nicole/Etc)


A former manager from B2M Entertainment, which houses artists like SPICA, Eric Nam, and Nicole, is being sued by the company for stealing money meant for the company’s artists.

The lawsuit charges that as general manager of the agency, he kept payments from events and stuff that were meant for artists, with the amount stolen totalling up to around $73,000.

As a manager signed to K Star Net, Mr. Jeon was to share the proceeds from a photo shoot featuring Heo Young Saeng. However, Jeon allegedly kept the funds to himself, which he delivered to his own personal account and spent. He’s said to have embezzled about 85,340,000 Won (~$73,470 USD) from agency artists on 8 different occasions. A rep from B2M commented, “It’s true that we’re suing Mr. Jeon for embezzlement. We’ve found out that Mr. Jeon had embezzled funds from agency artists and have started a lawsuit. It’s already gone over to the prosecution.”


Like half of B2M’s artists are scuffling as it is, much less with this dipshit allegedly stealing their money. If this lawsuit turns out to be legit, I hope they can at least get paid after the fact, and maybe we could get a comeback or something.


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