‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’ hit with allegations that reality TV might not be reality


Unpretty Rapstar 2‘ is currently being hit by accusations that the show’s results are not all on the straight-and-narrow. It was recently revealed that cast members Truedy, Heize, KASPER, and ASH-B had all actually signed contracts with Mnet/CJ E&M before the show started.

Xports News tried to get confirmation from Mnet, who had told Xports News, “We’re checking up on it” even though only two months ago, they’d called it baseless rumors.


ASH-B and KASPER were mediocre enough that nothing probably would’ve been able to save them, but it is a bit suspicious how lucky KASPER had been getting with dodging eliminations. Plus, it’s hard to argue that both Heize and Truedy, two rappers who actually are talented, have been getting positive edits and a lot of screen time from the jump.

That said, while this does put everything in a different frame in terms of watching for favoritism, I’m not surprised or anything. In fact, I’m quite skeptical of how much this proves in terms of the show being rigged (especially given how the results have gone). Rather, this information just seems to pull back the curtain a bit on how all reality shows are done anyway.


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