IU scandal confuses ‘The Guardian’ commenters + witch hunt update

The Guardianrecently covered the IU scandal over “Zeze“, giving a short recap of the events to their readers because ‘My Sweet Orange Tree‘ is seeing a spike in interest recently.

Korean netizens have reacted like IU just embarrassed their nation

1. [+1,018, -104] Aigoo, what an utter embarrassment, really
2. [+393, -26] I don’t think foreigners will take an interest in this issue anyway. Foreign media outlets should report instead on her plagiarism issue. Why is her plagiarism scandal being buried by all this debate over freedom of creation and expression? Why hasn’t Britney responded to this yet? ㅡㅡ
3. [+373, -38] I’m honestly so sick of IU’s fans. Please know when to shield and when to back off. Nevermind her plagiarism scandal but anytime anyone brings up that her lolita concept is problematic, they always turn it around and say, “No, it’s not a problem, you’re the one with the problem because of your perverted views. IU is an adult, I don’t get sexually stimulated by her.” Yeah, sure IU’s an adult, but she’s also a pop singer who’s out there sitting with a baby bottle in her mouth and spraying milk on herself. She’s obviously connecting sex with a child here, something she shouldn’t be doing. Actions like that are what awaken sex criminals. She’s making money by selling the image of sexualized children.
4. [+48, -6] Funny how IU’s smiling at her Chinese fan meet after causing this entire mess
5. [+41, -3] There can’t be anything more embarrassing than this… she really thinks that shutting up about all of this will put an end to it?

…but the only two commenters on ‘The Guardian’ — who are actually commenters on the site elsewhere and didn’t just sign up to comment on this article — thought IU’s interpretation wasn’t anything to get up in arms about.




Nation’s Embarrassing Pedophile Iljin Thug Slut Sly Fox


Oh yeah, speaking of having to weed out commenters with agendas, it seems like a decent time to bring this up.

I didn’t post about it when it was first linked/e-mailed to me because even if the hate comments on her articles were being spammed by a certain group of people, it didn’t explain why so many people would then upvote those comments.

But now that we know the media has been failing to provide context for her comments on “Zeze”, it’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together and figure out how all this gained steam.


Anyway, despite people figuring out that the “Zeze” controversy appears to be largely bullshit, people are way too pot-committed already.

There’s now a petition in Korea for IU to remove “Zeze”-related scenes from her music video (uh … what?) and to take down the song from sales.

IU probably understands that it’s dangerous for children to be compared to sexual beings. Since IU is an influential singer and the producer of ‘CHAT-SHIRE’, she should take responsibility by removing scenes related to ‘Zeze’ from her music video and taking down the song from stores.”

Plus, netizens are translating the Netizen Buzz witch hunt to justify their own witch hunt.


Nobody can save these people.


Meanwhile, IU.



As an aside, for the people who are still trying to drag me for covering this issue in the manner I have, I got a question for you: Why would IATFB, supposed IU superfan, have written only three articles about IU in 2015 prior to October? Or better yet, explain why the sources on the recent articles have been a random iKON fan who just got fed up with the witch hunt and noted uncle fan pervert Lizzie Parker from Beyond Hallyu?

Thank you for helping me understand this confusing narrative.


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