Kai (no, not that one) had the worst excuse ever to send a fan a dick pic


Musical actor Kai, who is not a member of EXO, has been accused of sending an unsolicited dick pic to a fan. His agency denies it, which sets up the possibility that he may need to show his dick in court or something.

“A” claims in her petition submitted to the police that Kai used his social media account to send her a picture of his penis , charging him with sexual violence. “A” describes how she used to send him messages of support to his official social media account and around September, she and Kai started communicating seperately through his secret account. Kai reportedly sent her sexual jokes and a picture of his penis to ask her to check “the boil on his groin.” The police are said to be investigating her claim. Agency EA&C, representing Kai, denies the claims made by “A,” saying the “secret account” does not belng to Kai. It states, “This is clearly defamation and we will seek legal action.”



You sent a woman a dick pic under the premise of having her check out a boil on your nuts or some shit? Getting a woman to think about a dick zit is quite possibly the quickest way to get her vagina drier than the Sahara. What are you even thinking?


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