Around The Web: Ailee & IU Interviews + EXID, Nine Muses, Amuro Namie Reviews


seoulbeats: In an interview before one of her concerts, Ailee talked about a bunch of topics, including the control she has over her music.

Ailee: I was in control most of the time. I put in my ideas from the shooting of the album jacket cover, to the music video, to the music. I was involved a hundred percent. And the styles that I loved doing? That’s kind of hard because I tried a lot of different genres in this album, and not a lot of the sounds you can hear in Korea. So, I tried a lot of different approaches that K-pop hasn’t really heard yet. So, kind of dip my toe into new genres.

Okay, so it was her fault and not her company’s.

K-POP K-FANS: An extended interview with IU after all the mess went down, and besides expanding her points about the “Zeze” stuff, the best part was a response about not being able to please everybody.

Have you ever heard someone say such things to you directly (describing you as something you’re not)?
Someone told me that he/she likes me. Reason being I’m clever in the way I behave. Because I’m clever and shrewd. The person likes me because I’m shrewd. Then someone else would say they like me. Reason being I don’t think too deeply and just say what I think. Then someone would say they don’t like me. Because I’m shrewd and manipulative. Then someone else would say they don’t like me because I’m dumb. So actually there’s no way for good and bad points to be in sync. I have no choice but to simply acknowledge that all of that seems to be me. If I want everyone to like me, how should I behave? That’s impossible, isn’t it?

Things always end up better when pop stars start caring less about appeasing a mainstream public that is generally filled with angsty teens and other assorted idiots.

Like seriously, ever try explaining some of these “scandals” to American pop fans, much less American rock or rap fans? 99.9% of the time it ends up with some variation of “K…” or “That’s dumb.”

K-POP K-FANS: Netizens compare and contrast statements by T-ara‘s Jiyeon and IU, praising Jiyeon three years after ruining her career in Korea and admitting that T-ara’s bullying scandal was a witch hunt.

This is FUCKING GOLD. There is zero self-awareness. Like they literally drew the parallel themselves and still can’t see it.


KPOPALYPSE: A fanfiction about 2NE1‘s Sandara. I … uh … well, you see … ah … just read it.


Yellow Slug Reviews: EXID‘s “Hot Pink” didn’t impress other authors much either.

Yellow Slug Reviews: Same can be said for Nine Muses‘ “Sleepless Night“.

The Japan Times: An article about Amuro Namie‘s ‘Genic‘ and how she’s taking a fat shit on Koda Kumi and Hamasaki Ayumi. Basically.


Netizen Buzz: Seoul University elected a lesbian as their student body president. Netizens didn’t know what to do as they were torn between auto-dickriding anything the school does or shitting on homosexuals.


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