Thanksgiving break!


As the readers of Asian Junkie who have been around for years know, I have a gigantic family and they are basically all local, so around this time of year I have literally dozens of family gatherings to attend and Thanksgiving is one of them.

Some of your sob stories about your own families left in response to these posts have made me appreciate the fact that my family is close enough or cares enough to have all these events … at least until about the fifth one. You don’t know my pain of having a well-adjusted family. The struggle is real.

As far as the actual holiday goes, what am I thankful for? Myself. As the esteemed poet Yezi once said, “I want to say thank you to myself.#Blessed

See what happens when you raise your kids thoughtfully and encourage them to have self-confidence? You get kids like me. Beat the individualism and spirit out of your kids, folks.


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