Psy’s MVs for “Daddy” and “Napal Baji” leaked, shows some promise


Daddy” and “Napal Baji“, two music videos from Psy‘s upcoming comeback, were leaked online just hours ago, and while they were taken down quickly, you can watch them here now (while you can).

“Daddy” Mirror | “Napal Baji” Mirror

I’ll save my whole thoughts for when we don’t get a recording of a music video on a projector screen in potato quality, but:

1) I’d say these songs are closer in style to what he used to do before “Gangnam Style” (and thus superior), so that’s inherently promising.

2) In “Daddy”, Psy demonstrates the only appropriate use of late-2000s grillz and early-2000s bling bling … for parody.

3) Going to be fascinating to see how many people actually care about the teacher in “Daddy” wanting to bone an elementary school kid played by Psy or said kid seducing his classmates and grabbing his nuts. I mean, context never matters and there’s not even a lyrics interpretation in this, it’s in the music video! Man, I bet they’ll be outraged!!!!!


4) I’m sure 2NE1 fans will be thrilled to see CL heavily featured in this. They’ll react understandingly, I’m sure.

5) When I heard the hook to “Daddy”, of course the only thing I could think of was “I Got It From My Mama“.

Which makes sense since Psy is working with for whatever godforsaken reason.


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