LABOUM also go 80s with “AALOW AALOW” and its addictive hook


LABOUM are the latest in K-pop to go with the 80s theme, this time it’s the Cyndi Lauper feel with their recent comeback, “AALOW AALOW“.

The music video? It was … well, it was there as sort of a non-factor.

As far as the song goes, on one hand, I liked the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” type of sound. On the other hand, the song almost seemed to die during the verses, which is a shame because by the end of the song, the chorus becomes quite addictive. I was half-prepared to write a “meh” review based on the verses, but as the song kept playing the background, the hook really does grow on you and it basically redeems the entire effort.

I can’t quite tell yet if this is a song that’s going to be forgettable down the road or if I’ll be glad to hear it come up on radio or my playlist, but based on the inspiration for the track and the quality of the hook, I’m more than willing to find out.


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