DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul maybe showed why Black Nut avoided dissing him


In Black Nut‘s now famous ‘100’ “diss track” where he calls out basically every semi-relevant rapper, he makes a point of avoiding dissing DJ DOC because they’re “street fighters”. Well, that’s never been more appropriate than now as DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul is accused of beating an artist under his company (ent102) and stealing his wages.

On December 1 it was reported by a news outlet that according to a Seoul Kwangjin police station rep, someone by the name of Kim (21) from entertainment agency A said, “I was slapped across the face several times by Kim Chang Ryul and my salary was stolen by him.” According to the report, back in November 2012 at a Korean BBQ place, Kim Chang Ryul told Kim, ‘You have ‘celebrity disease’ and slapped him several times along with abusive language. He also took the bankbook and bank cards owned by three of the former Wonder Boyz members. He stored it for himself and during the span of three months, he took 30 million won (approx. $25,912 U.S.).

For his part, Kim Chang Ryul and ent102 are denying everything.

His company’s side told a news outlet, “We can guess as to why this kind of news came out. But assault does not make any sense. We will continue with this through the law.”

Based on the name and age given by authorities and lack of artists under the label, netizens are speculating that the alleged victim is Wonder Boyz member Kim Tae Hyun. The group disbanded earlier this year in 2015, but the alleged event being contested here occurred three years ago, which strikes me as somewhat odd.

Anyway, uh, I’m only writing about this because it makes Black Nut’s line even funnier.


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